The Transition

The first Tiara 3100 I looked at had a hardtop, and that "look" was what I wanted. When I found the boat I ultimately bought, it came with a canvas top, and stayed that way over the first season. But at the New York Boat Show that winter (January '05) I stopped at the Atlantic Towers booth and Shelley Golden introduced me to their new "HiLine" top that mounts over a radar arch. On a Tiara, the HiLine top is bolted to the top of Tiara's extremely sturdy windshield frame instead of requiring vertical supports all the way from the deck. This gives it a very clean look, more like a factory installation. (See the photo of my 3100 next to a new 3200 later.)

After ordering the top, the process began with Atlantic Towers sending someone to carefully measure the boat. (Unfortunately, the day we scheduled turned out to be a nasty, cold and rainy day in March.) The final plan was faxed to me for approval, and then the top went into production. When it was delivered and installed in July, we were luckier with the weather. My job was to get the boat ready for the installation. I had to remove the canvas (the easy part) and all of the electronics from the arch (not so easy). The arch had a radar dome, a VHF antenna, two GPS antennas, and an FM antenna. I often have a camera with me, and decided to document the process. The rest of the pages on this site show "before and after" pictures, installation, etc.

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